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Giving to CDC

CDC is honored to receive charitable gifts that support our non-profit organization and our mission of "Educating Children To Succeed." Contributions from employees, board members, families, friends, businesses and other organizations help make it possible for CDC to nurture and teach the youngest members of our communities.

Gifts in any amount to any of the CDC programs or services below are greatly appreciated. Contributions to CDC are federal income tax-deductible.

To learn more about the specific ways you can donate, click on the links below!  

  • CDC Endowment

    CDC Endowment
    Gifts to the endowment help build a pool of funds to support future child care, education, construction, equipment and other costs. The endowment’s purpose is to help CDC achieve a sound financial future and to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy setting for children to grow and learn, not only today, but tomorrow.

  • Annual Appeal

    Annual Appeal
    Proceeds from this campaign that occurs every December typically are divided evenly between a current project (playground upgrades, equipment or facility improvements, etc.) and the Children's Foundation of CDC. Many Annual Appeal donors give in honor of or in memory of a loved one or other individual.

  • Restricted Gifts

    Restricted Gifts
    Individuals and organizations are welcome to designate a gift for a specific purpose that will assist CDC in providing child care and early childhood education or will directly benefit the children who are enrolled in our centers. Books, toys, clothing, backpacks, art materials, infant care supplies, equipment and furnishings are among the many items that we may obtain with restricted contributions.

  • Unrestricted Gifts

    Unrestricted Gifts
    Contributions not designated for a specific purpose also are welcome. These gifts are used where most needed at the time or are directed to the Children's Foundation of CDC for future use.

  • Guardian Angel Scholarships

    Guardian Angel Scholarships
    Donors to this fund help to cover CDC tuition costs for some income-eligible children on an interim basis, mostly while their households await approval for state subsidized child care or early childhood education. 

  • Camp Funshine

    Camp Funshine
    Contributions can assist in many ways including covering field trip fees for income-eligible children and helping to make possible the Camp Olympics competition that is one of the highlights of this safe, fun summer-long program for elementary school-age boys and girls (K-6).

  • Christmas Gifts

    Christmas Gifts
    Gifts to the children and our centers brighten the holiday season every year at CDC. Individuals and organizations give everything from winter clothing, wrapped gifts and stuffed animals to bicycles, board games and classroom computers.

  • Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates
    A grandparent, loved one or other person may buy a CDC gift certificate in any amount and present it to a family to help cover a child's weekly tuition fees.

  • Honorary/Memorial Gifts

    Honorary/Memorial Gifts
    A thoughtful way to give to any of these CDC programs or services is in honor of or in memory of a loved one or other special person. An honorary or memorial contribution will support our educational mission while paying lasting tribute to the individual whom your gift acknowledges.

  • Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

    Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)
    Through this innovative Pennsylvania Department of Revenue program, eligible businesses may give to CDC in place of paying any of several state taxes. CDC uses EITC contributions mostly to provide scholarship assistance to preschool students. 

Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our mission of helping those affected by our cause.

Thank you in advance for your generous support that allows us to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people and their families each year.

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