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Infants & Toddlers

6 weeks - 2 years old

CDC's Infant and Toddler classrooms provide individualized care and early childhood development activities for your child beginning at six weeks of age. 

A Day in our Infant/Toddler Programs
A primary caregiver is assigned to each child to meet their specific needs. They use daily nurturing routines (diaper changing, eating and mealtime, hellos and goodbyes, sleeping, etc.) to develop and maintain a trusting relationship with your child. Meals and snacks are included in your weekly tuition fee, and structured play, free play, arts and outside time (weather permitting) are part of every day's activities.

Learning Through Play
In our centers, infants and toddlers learn and grow through play with many educational and developmental opportunities. Utilizing The Creative Curriculum®, teachers develop specific age-appropriate lessons for their classrooms and document your child's progress and milestones on an everyday basis. 

To enroll your infant/toddler or learn more, please contact us at 814-480-9505.

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