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Embark on a Learning Adventure with CDC!

At Child Development Centers (CDC), we believe in nurturing young minds and fostering a lifelong love for learning. That's why we extend a warm invitation to students across all three counties to shadow our centers.

During these shadowing experiences, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in our dynamic learning environments, where curiosity thrives and new skills are cultivated every day. From engaging classroom activities to interactive learning sessions, our centers provide a rich educational experience that inspires and empowers students to explore the world around them.

By shadowing at CDC, students not only develop a passion for learning but also acquire valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their academic journey and beyond. Whether it's building social connections, honing critical thinking abilities, or fostering creativity, our shadowing program offers a unique and enriching opportunity for students to grow and flourish. Join us at CDC and discover the joy of learning in action!

To schedule a shadowing experience at one of our centers, please fill out the form below or contact CDC’s Organizational Development Director, Luke Braughler at or (814) 247-7044.

  • Click here to review CDC's Shadowing Code of Conduct.
    • Students will be given a badge that identifies them as a student visitor.
    • Students will be required to complete a CDC job shadowing form prior to starting their day. This form list the student’s name, school district, job shadow advisor, and an agreement to maintain professional behavior during their time at CDC.
    • If the student is job shadowing an entire day, they will have the opportunity to take a 30-minute lunch break. They can choose to bring a packed lunch and eat at CDC, or they may leave the facility and return (if approved by their school district.)
    • CDC is a professional environment. Clothing should be neat and clean. Nothing inappropriate or offensive. Student should wear clothing that permits them to be on the floor with children and potentially on a playground.
    • Cell phones or smart watches are not permitted to be used when the student is with children. If a call needs to be made they may step outside of the classroom or into the office area.
    • Students are not permitted to take photos of children.
    • Students will be given a tour prior to starting their job shadowing.
    • Students will be given an opportunity to sit down with a supervisor or the individual that they job shadowed. This time is to ask questions and complete any required paperwork.
    • Students are not responsible for any job functions while they are job shadowing but are encouraged to engage the children and participate in the activities of the day.


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